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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday, June 3

rosters and songs

Tottenham Hotspur Women v Sheffield United Women: Vitality Women’s FA Cup 5th Round Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Hi, everyone!

That’s goalkeeper Becky Spencer at the top of the Hoddle today.

Ramble of the Day

Unconventionality will always win a spot in the Hoddle, so please allow me to share how Italy’s European Championship squad was announced to a national audience.

I will admit that this presentation is seemingly normal — a bit extra, but easy enough to comprehend. It only started that way, because the powers that be found room for two musical performances. They incorporated variety and involved the players, too — the first is a rap, the second is Italy’s national anthem.

To this program’s credit, it is probably difficult to jazz up something like this and any remotely distracting thing accomplishes the task of filling air time. I also don’t mind something inherently weird, and footballers randomly rapping works for me. I understand the particular reference to this national team and its national anthem, and that understanding guides my opinion on this. It would probably be an unexpected development if another national team sang its national anthem on television, though.

I don’t think any of this qualifies as good television, for what it’s worth. Many, though, have established the precedent that television does not always have to be good. I cannot fault this Italian program for meeting an industry standard. At the very least, it is not boring and if you can clear that (fairly low) bar for me, I won’t hate you for it.

tl;dr: Italy’s Euro roster was unveiled during a television program that saw the players rap and sing the national anthem for some reason.

Stay informed, read this: Maryclaire Dale on the NFL’s pledge to end a discriminatory medical practice when evaluating players’ brain injuries for the Associated Press

Links of the Day

Six Scotland players missed Wednesday’s match against the Netherlands after being exposed to Covid-19.

A Singaporean man pleaded guilty to sending Brighton’s Neal Maupay death threats on social media.

Union Omaha’s Abdul Osumanu was indicted for his role in two internet romance scams.

Ex-footballer Bradley Orr was fined more than £4500 for breaking COVID-19 protocol by keeping his soft play center open and claiming the Magna Carta gave him the right to.

A longer read: Leander Schaerlaeckens on the race in the US’ lower leagues to create the most unique jerseys in the game for Soccer Stories