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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Monday, June 7

unappetizing stadium food

Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield Utd: Vitality Women’s FA Cup Fifth Round Photo by Federico Guerra Moran/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Hello, all!

Clint Dempsey is on television now and wore ... this last night.

Ramble of the Day

Yesterday, Leyton Orient announced that the team’s goalkeeping coach Dean Brill will now work for Tottenham and with the U18 and U23 teams. A few in the Cartilage Free Captain writers’ room clicked so the rest of us didn’t have to, and shared almost nothing about the appointment. Instead, a screenshot from the bottom of the page made it into the group chat.

The leading theory is that this is a pie and mash and mint sauce (again, something I took from the writers’ room and did not put in the work to find out for myself). That sounds like a fine thing to eat and it’s entirely possible the food pictured tastes fine. That, though, is the definition of a plate of food that looks unappetizing. I cannot believe Leyton Orient did not have a better photo of food served at their stadium.

I have stifled a laugh multiple times looking at this picture. The plating is remarkable! The sauce is everywhere but doesn’t look like it’s accompanying that pie nicely. My favorite thing, though, is the utensil just stabbed in the pie like it’s a flag. That image does not predict kind survey results, but the survey prompted me to quickly look at the Breyer Group Stadium’s menu. It looks pretty standard for a stadium, though it does not build my personal opinion of British Event Catering.

tl;dr: Leyton Orient picked one hell of a picture to accompany its stadium food survey.

Stay informed, watch this: England manager Gareth Southgate on why his team will continue to take a knee before matches during the Euros

Links of the Day

Spain’s Sergio Busquets tested positive for COVID-19.

Brazil FA president Rogério Caboclo was suspended for 30 days after a former staffer said he sexually harassed them.

A media executive and former police chief were sentenced to 1000 years in prison in Turkey after conspiring to bring match-fixing charges against Fenerbahçe.

The South Yorkshire and West Midlands police forces will pay damages to the victims and families of the Hillsborough disaster.

Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel, Olivier Giroud, and Thiago Silva signed new deals with the club.

A longer read: Tariq Panja on the difficulties putting on this year’s Euros, from arranging a tournament in 11 countries to navigating a pandemic for The New York Times