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Report: PSG quietly lining up Zidane for manager if Pochettino wants out

Le10Sport’s latest is a whole lot of nothing. But I want to believe!

Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: First Leg Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

In the latest edition of Cartilage Free Captain is Posting Through It, we’re going back to the Mauricio Pochettino well. Tottenham Hotspur fans may have given up on the idea of Dad coming back to his old family, but the French media seemingly hasn’t.

Le10Sport has an article out today that suggests that Pochettino might still be in the frame to leave PSG. Might is the operative word in this case, because there’s a whole lot of weasel words in this particular article.

The article is in French, but run it through Google Translate and you can get a pretty good gist of what they’re trying to say. In short, the report states that PSG is quietly working on lining up Zinedine Zidane in the event that Pochettino makes it public that he wants to leave the club. It makes it sound as though all Poch needs to do is just say that he wants to go and he’ll be allowed to go, but that also seems to fly in the face of everything we’ve seen from PSG up to this point, so who knows.

So there’s a whole lot of “if” in this particular article. Zidane would come to PSG if Pochettino were to leave, and Poch would leave if he asks to do so, and then could come to Tottenham if he wants to and if he’s now willing to work under a Director of Football, something that was kind of a non-starter when he was here the last time.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Because hope is a thing with feathers and everybody loves Dad. And also considering we really don’t know a damn thing about what’s going on, this is all we have so I’m choosing to cling to it like a barnacle on a sloop. Besides, I want to believe, and isn’t that half the battle? Don’t judge me.