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You can play Fortnite as Harry Kane starting this weekend

This is a thing.

Harry Kane is joining Fortnite, just in time for the EUROs. According to Eurogamer, Fortnite players will be able to purchase and play with a cartoon skin of both Tottenham Hotspur star Kane, in an England home kit, and Marco Reus, in a German kit, beginning on June 11. Players will be able to purchase either skin independently or as a bundle, using the game’s in-house V-bucks currency.

The Harry Kane skin apparently also comes with a special emote called the “Hurrikane.” No word on whether it is accompanied by “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions, but it really should.

Should we be surprised by this? Not in the slightest. Fortnite is still vastly popular, especially with younger gamers, and have had tons and tons and tons of collaborations for skins, playable characters, etc. including the Marvel franchise, Star Wars, Borderlands, Batman, Ghostbusters, and many many more. So why not a tie-in for the European Championships? It makes total sense. My guess is that Kane and Reus are only the first two player skins to be released and that there will be more coming out over the course of the tournament.

In addition to the skins, there’s also something called the Fortnite UEFA Euro 2020 Trademark Cup where players can compete for prizes over various rounds taking place during the day, with players and prizes split into geographic regions.

I stopped playing Fortnite about two years ago or so when my kids lost interest in the game, and I gotta say that the idea of playing with a Harry Kane England skin doesn’t hold a whole lot of personal appeal. That said, I’m sure there are lots of people who are pretty excited about this, so to each their own.

The idea of watching a cartoon Harry Kane run around a landscape chopping down trees with an axe and shooting people in the head guns feels pretty surreal. I’d wonder how he feels about that, but then I remember that Harry Kane has a brand and likes money just like the rest of us.