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Tottenham Hotspur officially release cosmic away kits for 2021-22

These might be the most unusual away kits in Spurs history.

In this day and age, football kit reveals are the worst-kept secret in the industry. Initial details of new kits are almost always leaked months in advance of the kits actually appearing on Premier League clubs’ websites, and sites like literally make a living off of releasing those details ahead of time.

That doesn’t mean it’s still not pretty sweet to see these designs on actual players. Tottenham Hotspur released their away kits for 2021-22 this morning. Remember how plain and back-to-basics looking the home kits were? These are, literally, the exact opposite. If you happened to miss the leak articles a while back, here they are. And they are GLORIOUS.

Kit designs are intensely personal things — no matter what design you release you’re not going to please everyone, and these have certainly divided opinion among Tottenham fans. However, I’ve gotta say that I absolutely LOVE them. Like, love-love. As in “I would consider buying one for the first time in about four years” love them.

Just look at these beauties.

The one bit of criticism I’ve seen about them (yes, apart from the obvious about overall just hating on the design) is that the kits the players wear and the more expensive Elite tier of kits have black squares on the back that interrupt the cosmic design. That’s probably due to UEFA and Premier League regulations that require stark contrast for player names and numbers. But I understand the regular replica kits have the design that goes all the way across the back and shoulders.

This is the kind of design that you’d normally see on third kits that clubs hardly ever wear. Instead, we’re hopefully going to see them a lot this season whenever we can’t wear the whites. I’m totally okay with that because these kits are going to look like FIRE on the field.

I have no idea what Spurs are going to do on the pitch this season, but at least they’re going to look incredible while they’re doing it.