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Community Hoddle of Coffee for Friday, July 30

Guess who forgot he was doing the Hoddle today?

Brazil v Canada - Women’s International Friendly
Shelina Zadorsky
Photo by Silvestre Szpylma/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Good morning. The header image is Tottenham Hotspur Women defender Shelina Zadorsky, playing in the Olympics with her native Canada.

Who’s got two thumbs and forgot he was replacing Pardeep with the Hoddle today? THIS GUY. Sorry about that. And because I’m not Pardeep and I don’t Ramble, we’ll get right to the music with the Song of the Day. No links — now go talk amongst yourselves.

I think I mentioned in a previous Hoddle that during COVID I fell down a 1970s Anatolian Rock hole. Well, I have chosen not to climb out of that hole just yet. As a person with an advanced degree in music, I always love when bands get creative, especially with their meter. Here’s a famous Turkish rock band, Mogollar, with an incredible example of that where they shift from 7/8 time to 9/8 time. And you can still dance to it! YouTube video is courtesy of the outstanding Anatolian Rock Revival Project.