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MEN: Tottenham will not sell Kane to City, or to anyone else

We’ll see about that!

England v Denmark - UEFA Euro 2020: Semi-final Photo by Frank Augstein - Pool/Getty Images

Manchester City may want to sign Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur this summer, but it’s starting to look like it’s going to be even more difficult to do so. According to the Manchester Evening News (MEN), Tottenham have made a decision that they are not going to sell Harry Kane to Manchester City, Manchester United, or anyone else this summer. No matter what.

MEN (and yes, I will always giggle a little when I use this acronym) state that contrary to past reporting, there was indeed a £100m offer for Kane made from City, but that neither City nor Spurs wanted to bother Kane with the details of a potential transfer bid while he was away with England at the Euros.

Spurs, however, are now apparently not willing to sell Kane at all, no matter how much money is on the table. I’m a little skeptical of that — every player has his price and the issue appears to be that nobody has reached it yet. However, it does sound like Spurs would rather keep him around another year and then potentially sell him next summer with two years left on his contract, provided that Kane doesn’t change his tune between now and then.

This article feels like more posturing in the papers than anything concrete. Despite crying poverty yesterday, Pep Guardiola should know that if his club really wants to spend big to get Kane they can do that. However, it does feel as though the longer the summer drags on the less likely it is that Kane will depart. The real question is what will happen after the Euro 2020 finals this weekend. We may know more about everything in the next week or so.