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South American sources say Romero to Tottenham done

We choose to believe this reporting with absolutely no real reason to do so!

Brazil v Argentina: Final - Copa America Brazil 2021 Photo by MB Media/Getty Images

See, I told you not to worry. There are multiple reports coming out of South America, particularly Argentinian sports outlets, that say Tottenham Hotspur and Atalanta have come to an agreement for the transfer of central defender Cristian Romero. The deal is reportedly €50m + €5m in escalators.

So why do we believe this and not Gianluca DiMarzio’s report from last night that said the deal was on the skids? Dammit, because we WANT this to be true, try and keep up!

But seriously, if this is coming from Argentine sources, it means that it’s from sources that are close to Romero. We know that Romero really wants to make the move to Tottenham and has been pushing for Atalanta to come to an agreement with Spurs so he can start the transfer process before he is due to report to training on Monday. It seems reasonable that if Romero’s camp leaked the info of an agreement, it would be to their regional sources and not necessarily to the Italian media.

Do we KNOW this is true? Nope. But if it is, it won’t be much longer before one of the good English sources like The Athletic and the Evening Standard, or from reliable journos like Fabrizio Romano and David Ornstein. If it’s real, we’ll know before too long.

I’m still going to say it: €50m+ for a defender is probably too much for Romero, even if he’s as good as advertised. But on the other hand, we know this is the guy that Fabio Paratici really, really wanted. If he does end up at Spurs in the next couple of days, let’s hope he lives up to his price tag.