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Report suggests Harry Kane potentially open to new Tottenham contract

There’s a nugget of something here, but this is not yet news.

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The speculation surrounding Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur continues to swirl and doesn’t appear to be abating anytime soon. Manchester City, the club most interested in purchasing Kane, still appear to be playing coy with an acceptable bid, said to be around £150-160m, and there has been speculation that they are soft-pedaling a future bid for Kane after the £100m purchase of Jack Grealish from Manchester City.

But while information is coming out in dribs and drabs, speculation is running rampant. The biggest piece of unsourced speculation is that after returning to Tottenham’s training center a week later than the club anticipated, Kane might even be open to a new contract at Spurs to begin to repair his reputation at the club.

To be clear, we have not seen this reported as factual by any credible organization. However, it has been alluded to by none other than Spurs beat writer Alasdair Gold in an episode of his podcast “Gold and Guest” that dropped this morning. And it’s extremely interesting.

Here’s a transcript of what Gold says regarding Kane and a potential new contract.

“We’re now at the situation where it’s far less likely that [Kane] moves, because I think it’s too little time. I’m intrigued to see where this goes now for Kane and “Camp Kane” as it were because there are little bits of noises coming out from around his camp to not entirely rule out a new contract for him. Which would be an incredible U-turn.

“And for me, the prospect of that is incredible. Other elements to that is yes, if you’re going to stay why not get more money. I get that entirely. And I think if you look at what Spurs are trying to do in the transfer market, you can maybe say there’s something exciting happening there.

“Gollini is a backup goalkeeper, but he’s a talented goalkeeper, he could be a successor to Lloris. Bryan Gil is one of the most talented prospects in Spanish football. [Cristian] Romero, my goodness. I asked Espirito Santo about him on Sunday and that’s probably as excited as I’ve seen Espirito Santo and he’s a guy who doesn’t look like he gets very excited. And obviously there’s more to come. Perhaps Kane’s been told ‘have a little look at what we’re trying to do. You want ambition and that’s what we’re trying to do.’

“But the flipside is... I can’t see Spurs putting a release clause in there. Toby Alderweireld is the only one I’ve ever seen that with and even that I’m led to believe that came across from his Atletico Madrid days, but it was very rare. And also, why would [Kane] extend his deal further? The big problem was signing a six year deal in 2018.

“I find it fascinating and I’m intrigued to see where it goes next.”

Let’s be 100% clear — this is not and should not be viewed as Gold saying that Harry Kane is signing a new contract. Podcasts, even from credible journalists like Gold, are largely informed by opinion and speculation based on tidbits of information that may not hold up to full journalistic scrutiny. I am fully convinced that Alasdair would never put something like this in an article at based on the paucity of the material at hand. I almost didn’t write this myself! And reading the quotes, there is a ton of opinion and Gold’s own outright speculation in there. If you’re looking for good evidence that Kane is open to a new Spurs contract, this isn’t it.

But what’s interesting is that clearly Alasdair has heard something. We know he’s very close to various sources in and around Tottenham Hotspur. And honestly, this isn’t necessarily a crazy idea! If Kane believes the door is well and truly shut to his big-money move to Manchester City, it could make sense for him to sign a huge new deal — doing so would not only be a financial consolation prize, but might also help repair some of the damage done to his reputation among Spurs fans. You don’t have to look much farther than Steven Gerrard’s near transfer to Chelsea in 2005 to see that fans are often quick to forgive.

If I’m honest with myself, I still think that Manchester City buying Kane is more likely than not. But if they do cool their interest, a very real possibility, Kane deciding to re-up with Tottenham seems like a thing that could happen. But it very clearly won’t happen anytime soon. Barring something huge and dramatic, this will go right to the close of the transfer window.