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Romano: Manchester City preparing new £127m Harry Kane bid

Well, now we’re getting closer.

FBL-EUR-C1-TOTTENHAM-MAN CITY Photo credit should read ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

We’re not even close to “here we go” yet but there’s an update on Harry Kane from Fabrizio Romano after yesterday’s rumor dump on YouTube. According to Fab, Manchester City have not given up on their pursuit of Tottenham Hotspur’s want-away striker, and are preparing to offer an actual non-joke of a bid.

Of course “preparing” a bid and actually making it are two different things. It’s also worth doing the math here — €150m is £127m and some change, well below the £150-160 Spurs are said to want to let Kane go. We also don’t know if this is straight-cash-homie or if it includes some bulls—t player exchanges for some of City’s bench cruft. All things to be figured out later.

But if you’re ready to cut bait on Kane, this is the first indication that City seem to actually be taking this process seriously, unlike their original proposal, a cash plus players offer that equalled £100m.

I still have no doubt that there’s about £150m in change inside the couch cushions at City’s training ground. If this bid materializes, I’m also pretty certain that there would be further negotiations and that a final offer, if one is accepted, would be higher. As it stands now, I find it hard to believe Daniel Levy will consider this an acceptable offer, but it does move the ball closer to the endline, if you’ll pardon the American football metaphor.

But whatever you think about Kane leaving, the one thing you can say from this report: finally, it’s a start.