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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Monday, August 16

a Son appreciation ramble

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Hi, everyone!

Yesterday wasn’t so bad, was it?

Ramble of the Day

A thought: Son Heung-min deserves to be the guy, not just one of the guys.

This is a thought I’ve had for a little while, and is not purely based on yesterday’s game-winning goal (and the banger it was). I really think, as much as we as a Tottenham-watching audience have enjoyed watching Son play, we have slightly underrated him. He’s gotten as close as one can be to playing first, but truly never has.

I don’t want to be hard on anyone, because I get why when Harry Kane was right there. He has the added sentimental value of being a homegrown, and the relatability factor of being a Spurs fan since he was a kid. He’s the type of player a supporter dreams up; to watch that become a reality is something that never really happens, so it’s hard not to celebrate when it does. I also don’t think anyone has realistically ever pitted Son and Kane against each other, nor do I think there was a need to. There was just one guy who got a bit more attention.

I’d argue that Son, at the very least, deserved an even amount of attention. After all, he meets all the requirements to be the guy — talent, memorable moments, and a personality that makes him incredibly likable. In a couple of those categories, Son is almost off the charts — he has a remarkably high number of gorgeous goals and could definitely compete for football’s most likable person. In his own right, he’s a dream player.

The fuss Kane has created around his aspirations will probably lift Son to the role of being the guy at Tottenham. I just think he’s done enough to earn that spot, regardless of what Kane wants for his career.

tl;dr: Son Heung-min really deserves to be treated like a number one guy at Tottenham (regardless of the Harry Kane saga).

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Links of the Day

Ex-Germany international Gerd Müller died aged 75.

Five Everton players missed the team’s match against Southampton, quarantining because of COVID-19 concerns.

Liverpool supporters directed homophobic chants at Norwich’s Billy Gilmour during the teams’ match over the weekend.

Transfers: Newcastle signed Joe Willock from Arsenal; West Ham signed Lisa Evans on loan from Arsenal; Leicester signed Jannik Vestergaard from Southampton; Brighton signed Lee Geum-min from Manchester City

A longer read (or listen): Ryan Mac and Tariq Panja on Facebook’s years-long failure to protect players from racist abuse online for The New York Times