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Tottenham Hotspur will fine Harry Kane for failure to return on time to training

Whether this is the first of many fines remains to be seen.

Italy v England - UEFA Euro 2020: Final Photo by Michael Regan - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Actions have consequences, and Harry Kane had to expect this.

According to Dan Kilpatrick, Tottenham Hotspur will fine the want-away striker an undisclosed amount of money for his failure to report to preseason training Monday.

Tottenham are planning to hit Harry Kane with a significant fine after the striker failed to report back to the club on Monday.

Kane was due to return for Covid testing and the start of pre-season after an extended break following the European Championship but chose not to show on Monday morning, as he stepped up his efforts to force through a transfer to Manchester City.

For those of us who follow American sports, this happens essentially every season, especially in the NFL. A player wants a new contract or a trade to a team that will compete by sitting out training camp, thus forcing the team to fine him for every day he misses. It doesn’t happen nearly as often in European football, but we’re now watching it in real time with one of the best strikers in the world.

While this saga has continued, today was really the only question mark in the entire fiasco: Would Kane risk his image and Spurs legacy to force a move by sitting out? We now know the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes.”

The club has no choice but to respond accordingly and while we don’t know what that fine is going to be, Kilpatrick adds this to the story:

The final penalty is likely to be dependent on how the situation unravels, with it unclear when or whether Kane will agree to return to the club in the foreseeable future.

Kane is not thought to have communicated the reasons for his no-show to Spurs on Monday but the 28-year-old is desperate to join City this summer.

Nothing is really surprising here. If Kane sees the backlash as too much to handle, he can report tomorrow to try and smooth things over and the club will dock him some cash. If he keeps this up and doesn’t report at all, that fine is going to grow into a large number quickly.

Manchester City, who are the only club linked to Kane, are finalizing a deal for Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish to the tune of £100m. While we can spend a lot of time talking about FFP and how City could probably do both transfers easily, this is more about how Spurs are going to respond and they’re doing exactly what they should. You have to punish a player, regardless of their stature, for not adhering to club rules.

The question has now changed to “Have we seen the last of Harry Kane at Hotspur Way?” and it’s impossible to give an answer to that. We may see him in training tomorrow!

Or, we may never see him in Spurs gear again.

Buckle up.