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Joe Hart close to £1m Celtic switch with medical Tuesday

We are about to make a PROFIT on JOE HART.

Tottenham Hotspur Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

This is a Daily Mail rumor. I don’t care. According to this report, Joe Hart, whom Jose Mourinho signed on a free transfer last summer, is set for a medical on Tuesday in Glasgow ahead of a £1m, three year transfer to Celtic.

I want to reiterate this, because this is important: Tottenham Hotspur are about to make a PROFIT on Joe Hart, and Celtic are about to take on a 34-year old keeper for the next THREE YEARS.

Look, I’ve had a healthy skepticism of Fabio Paratici since he joined, especially after the protracted and confoundingly muddled managerial search that almost got us Rino Gattuso before we ended with nobody’s first choice, Nuno Espirito Santo. But this? This is EXCELLENT. This is Bald Ninja Jedi shit. Spurs are about to take their biggest goalkeeper liability, ship him off to Scotland, and pocket money by doing so. Genius.

Now if you want to quibble you can say that if you include Hart’s salary (~30k/wk if I remember correctly) it probably isn’t technically a profit. But I don’t care. I’m grinning ear to ear right now.

I like Joe Hart as a person. I think he’s been a model pro, and the reasons that Mourinho hired him — experience, locker room personality, shouty at the football — are all valid. But holy smokes was he not great between the sticks and I’m quite glad to ship him north.

It’s a Mail rumor, but the Celtic rumors have been swirling for a few days now and I’d expect the other papers will pick up on it before too long. God, I love silly season.

Edit: Fabrizio’s got it too! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!