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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Monday, August 23

the appeal of a free t-shirt

Tottenham Hotspur Women v Arsenal Women: The MIND Series Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hi, everyone!

The buildup to Tropical Storm Henri led to … this at Red Bull Arena over the weekend. (Naturally, the match was postponed.)

Ramble of the Day

I was thinking about collecting items, something I don’t really do, and stumbled into thinking about things I have a lot of. It dawned on me that I just have a lot of t-shirts and baseball caps lying around, plenty I did not pay for or go out of my way to obtain. I am definitely not alone in having a lot of these items, either.

I can remember several sporting events I’ve attended where spectators were excited at the sight of a t-shirt gun. (In one case, I remember also cracking a joke that people were more excited by the t-shirt gun than the New York Red Bulls game.) I’m never going to blame someone for getting excited at getting something for no additional cost, a bonus for the cost of entry. I do think the appeal of t-shirts and caps is a little more than the fact that it costs nothing.

I can pretty easily think of the stash of t-shirts I’ve acquired over the years, only selectively recycling them when I sporadically clean out my closet. Granted, I have recycled many of my random t-shirts; I could describe it as curating a pretty random collection. They come into use pretty easily, perfect for wearing at home when you have not a single place to be or a person to see. They are so perfectly inoffensive, both in design and utility.

If you’re lucky, you may accidentally land on one that’s particularly nice. To me, though, stacks of free t-shirts and caps speak to the fact that there is a time and place for everything. It is probably fair to argue that we all search for the best in life, regardless of how we define it. A t-shirt that lands in your lap, probably branded with something you may not care that deeply about, is not perfect in theory. It occupies its own sweet spot, though, because to be useful without a single cost is its own version of comfort.

(Hear me out, but maybe you could compare that balance of utility and cost to academy products. On a list of best-case scenarios, that’s probably the entry level role that is a marker of success.)

tl;dr: We all probably have random free t-shirts lying around, and they have carved a sweet spot by maximizing utility without any cost. (Also, I compared free t-shirts to good academy players.)

Stay informed, read this: Diana Moskovitz on the MLB and NFL, who continue to make excuses for players accused of sexual misconduct for Defector

Links of the Day

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic and Arsenal’s Ben White tested positive for COVID-19.

Nice-Marseille was suspended after a bottle was thrown onto the pitch and fans stormed the pitch.

Beşiktaş’ Fabrice N’Sakala is recovering in the hospital after collapsing during a match against Gaziantepspor.

Celtic’s Kyogo Furuhashi was racially abused by Rangers fans in a social media video.

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Terry McDermott was diagnosed with dementia.

Transfers: Arsenal signed Aaron Ramsdale from Sheffield United; Everton signed Cecilía Rán Rúnarsdóttir from Örebro

A longer listen: BBC Sportshour interviews former Afghanistan women assistant coach Haley Carter on player safety in the country