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AS: “Agreement” reached between Spurs and Wolves for Adama, but there’s one big problem

Nobody ever reads the articles...

Nottingham Forest v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Carabao Cup Second Round Photo by Jon Hobley/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

There’s a week to go in the transfer window and all of those incredible silly season rumors are popping up at once. One of the latest rumors is that Spurs want Wolves winger Adama Traore to come to north London. Reporting has been all over the place on this, but today I read a tweet that said “AGREEMENT REACHED!” and then contradicted that information in the same tweet.

This is why you read the articles.

The original report comes from Spanish outlet AS. Funny enough, the article says exactly what this tweet was: An agreement has been reached and then two sentences later says there’s no agreement on the actual deal. It’s truly peak silly season and it’s why I love and hate it.

La operación Adama puede saltar por los aires. Cuando hace unos días parecía que el acuerdo entre Tottenham y Wolverhampton era inminente, ahora las negociaciones se han estancado. Según ha podido saber AS, ambos equipos han llegado a un acuerdo por el precio final de la operación, pero el problema llega en el tipo de operación. Los ‘spurs’ quieren una cesión con compra obligatoria de 46 millones de euros, pero los ‘lobos’ buscan un traspaso al uso.

En esa delgada línea está la negociación por el traspaso de Adama, que puede romperse en cualquier momento. El internacional español es una petición expresa de Nuno Espírito Santo, que está enamorado de Adama desde que lo entrenara hace un par de temporadas en el Wolverhampton.

The agreement is that the two clubs have come to terms on the valuation, which is an eye-popping €46m. The problem is that the clubs disagree on how to actually complete the deal. Spurs want some type of loan first with an option or obligation (again, depends on who you ask) while Wolves want cash now. There’s also nothing on whether Spurs have agreed to personal terms with Traore, which is another stumbling block.

Personally, while I’m a fan of Adama and what he can do, that’s a lot of money for a winger who can dribble but has almost no end product. I love watching him as a neutral and still ask myself whether he can bench press a bulldozer, but there are other players we’ve been linked to I’d rather spend that much money on.

The sourcing isn’t terrible, but why AS would have this kind of news and not an English outlet seems weird. One would think a local beat writer for either club would have this, so I’m taking it all with more than a grain of salt. It could be legitimate, or it could be a big pile of BS. With a week to go, we’ll find out soon enough.