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Athletic: Harry Kane turned down new Tottenham contract in early August

And it looks like another one isn’t forthcoming anytime soon.

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Tottenham Hotspur v Pacos de Ferreira - UEFA Conference League: Play-Offs Leg Two Photo by Visionhau/Getty Images

Yesterday’s win over Pacos de Ferreira wasn’t Kane’s first appearance for Tottenham Hotspur this season, but you could make an argument it was his “triumphant” return to the fold. The Spurs striker made his first start in the 3-0 Europa Conference League win over Pacos, scoring a brace and looking like he’s planning to honor his promise to give “100%” to Tottenham, after his messy and public attempt to move to Manchester City fell apart.

Reports emerged yesterday that Kane had shifted his battlefront from a transfer to a new contract, with his camp demanding a new contract with wages of £400k/week. However, in an exclusive article, The Athletic (£) revealed that Kane rejected Tottenham’s offer of a new contract with a “significant” pay raise in early August, and that another one isn’t forthcoming anytime soon.

When Kane belatedly returned to Hotspur Way for pre-season on Saturday, August 7, Daniel Levy and Fabio Paratici were keen to secure his future at the club. Paratici held a lengthy meeting with Kane on Monday, August 9, three days before his PCR test that allowed him back into full training. Paratici offered him a new Tottenham contract, with a significant pay-rise.

But Kane, still holding on for Manchester City to come back in for him, had no intention of signing a new deal with a club he still wanted to leave.

— The Athletic (Jack Pitt-Brooke & Laurie Whitwell)

The report goes on to suggest that Kane isn’t really interested in signing a new deal, and that the offer presented to him by Levy and Paratici is now off the table and unlikely to be offered again. Questions will be asked about Kane’s availability in January, but it’s highly unlikely that he’ll move without, again, another huge offer from a major English club, but without a new contract it’s likely that we’ll be going through this whole transfer saga shebang all over again next June.

You could view Kane’s refusal to entertain the idea of a new deal at Spurs as a missed opportunity, as now he’s basically stuck at the same wages in the same contract until the next time he has an opportunity to force a sale, one that might, or might not, ever come. Kane gambled that Manchester City would come through with a bid big enough to turn Levy’s head, but City never seemed that interested, and Levy ended up refusing to negotiate late in the window. Now his chances for a new club and a new contract are, for now, dead.

Meanwhile, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola continued to whine about the failed transfer, throwing some particularly petulant shade towards Levy concerning the Spurs chairman’s refusal to negotiate in the waning weeks of the window.