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Christian Eriksen visits Inter Milan training

He’s not playing football, but he looks good.

Wales - Denmark - UEFA Euro 2020 Championship 1/8 final Photo by Marcel ter Bals/BSR Agency/Getty Images

By far the scariest moment in the EURO 2020 tournament, and indeed in all of football, was the horrific on pitch cardiac event suffered by former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder (and current Inter Milan star) Christian Eriksen.

Today, Inter Milan posted on their website and on social media that Eriksen returned to Inter’s training ground for the first time, and while he’s not playing any football he looks pretty darn good for a guy who nearly died this summer.

The statement on Inter’s website isn’t long, but does give an update on Eriksen’s condition.

This morning Christian Eriksen paid a visit to the Suning Training Centre in Appiano Gentile.

The Danish midfielder met the club directors, the coach, team-mates and all of the staff present. Eriksen is doing well and is in excellent physical and mental shape.

He will now follow the recovery programme put forward by Danish doctors in Copenhagen, who will also co-ordinate the clinical follow-up. The Inter medical staff will naturally be kept informed and up to date throughout the process.

Christian collapsed on the pitch in Denmark’s first match against Finland. He was very close to death before being revived and transported to a Copenhagen hospital, where he was fitted with a cardiac implant to restart his heart should something like this happen again. His future professional football career remains in doubt, which is hardly the point — we’re just happy he’s alive.