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Harry Kane in full damage control, issues public statement on training absence.

lol okay harry

Offside via Getty Images

The Harry Kane transfer saga just took an enormous twist. Kane, posting from his official Twitter account, released a statement directly addressing Tottenham Hotspur fans about his absence from training this week. In it, he expresses “hurt” about some of the things that have been said about him on social media, and reiterated how much the Tottenham fans have made to him over the course of his Spurs career.

Here’s the full statement.

Well. That’s certainly a statement, all right. It’s pretty clear from both the tenor and the content of this message that the Brothers Kane are now in full damage control. This statement just screams of a sudden slamming on the brake pedal and a sharp u-turn, and the only reason I can think of for this particular wording is that it’s become clear to both Harry and his agent-brother Charlie that City are unlikely to make a serious bid for him this summer.

But you know what? I’m still mad. I’m upset that Kane thinks that issuing a damage control statement like this will make everything okay. I’m super mad that he’s making this about his feelings and the hurtful things fans have said about him online and in the media, and not the fact that he was, and probably still is, actively trying to force a move to the richest and best club in world football because he selfishly wants to win trophies elsewhere.

And you “have never refused to train”? Oh really, Harry? Then why did you not show up on time, fleeing the Bahamas for an extended stay in Florida, and why did the club fine you two weeks wages? It sure seems like if the whole thing was a misunderstanding about when Kane was due to return to the club he would’ve directly and personally addressed it, IDK, Monday when he didn’t show up as expected to training. It doesn’t wash, it’s gaslighting an entire fanbase, and I’m not falling for it.

If City are backing away from a transfer, and assuming someone like Chelsea, United, or PSG aren’t interested, Kane’s going to be with Spurs for a while yet. He has a lot to answer for, from Spurs supporters, his new manager, and his teammates. This statement isn’t exactly him coming hat-in-hand asking for forgiveness — it’s more of the same ham-fisted PR crap that we’ve gotten from both Charlie and Harry since this whole thing started.

If Kane does stay, I hope he’s fully motivated by shame and scores a lot of goals, because as far as I’m concerned that’s the only way he’s getting back into my good graces.