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Harry Kane is back in London, isolating in Spurs Lodge

At this point he won’t feature against Manchester City, but I guess that’s no surprise.

Tottenham Hotspur FC v FK Partizan - UEFA Europa League Photo by Marc Atkins/ Mark Leech Sports Photography/Getty Images

Harry Kane is back in training, sort of. After saying that he would return to Tottenham Hotspur to report by the end of the week, he made good on that promise, returning from his post-EUROS vacation-slash-training-strike in the Bahamas and Florida on Saturday.

According to Alasdair Gold, Kane will now need to enter into a period of isolation after returning from the USA, which is one of the UK’s “Amber-listed” countries. Gold said on Twitter that Kane will isolate at the posh player hotel at Hotspur Way until Thursday, which will allow him to train individually on his own pitch until his isolation period is over.

So, extremely cool that Harry Kane knowingly wasted an entire week of training returning late from two Amber-listed countries so that he can waste more training time self-isolating and kicking a football around alone on another pitch, all presumably so he doesn’t have to play football against the oil-rich team to which he’s ham-fistedly trying to engineer a transfer.

Look, I’m glad he’s back, but I don’t for one second think that this whole thing is over. I also really wonder what the rest of his teammates are thinking right now — I have no doubt that some of them are perfectly fine with how The Brothers Kane have comported themselves over the past few months, but I’d also guess that there are some that are pretty pissed off. Gonna make that first meeting with the lads really interesting on Thursday. Awk-ward!

But Daniel Levy and the club have already made their feelings about this potential transfer abundantly clear. The ball’s still in Manchester City’s court. We just have to wait to see if they do anything with it.