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The Athletic: Ndombele “weighing options” after being left out of pre-season squad

Oh hey let’s kick the tires on this one again!

Tottenham Hotspur Pre-Season Training Session Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have a lot on their plate, and Tanguy Ndombele appears to be adding to it.

With preseason officially over and Spurs now in preparation to face Manchester City this weekend to open Premier League play, Charlie Eccleshare of The Athletic states that Ndombele was left out of the squad against Arsenal yesterday not because of fitness, but because Nuno Espirito Santo simply didn’t select him. The article is paywalled but you can get the gist of it just from the tweet Eccleshare put out:

So....let’s talk about this.

Tanguy is an incredible player. He’s delightful to watch, creative as hell and has generally been one of the best players Spurs put out onto the pitch since purchasing him. We’ve been begging to see him and Giovani Lo Celso in the same midfield for two years now and we’ve been hoping that Nuno pulls the trigger on it. Whether or not Nuno thinks his fitness just wasn’t right or he didn’t need to see him is up to Nuno.

That being said, this is getting a bit old. Yes, Nuno is the fourth manager that Ndombele will play under but we’ve had this headline in some way, shape or form, under each manager. It hasn’t been the best of times and it has to be difficult to deal with, but the simple fact is that Ndombele is under contract until 2025 and him weighing his options once again sounds like his camp feeding information to try and do....something? I don’t even know anymore.

The bottom line is that Tanguy isn’t going anywhere. Daniel Levy will not sell Ndombele for less than market value and any suggestion otherwise is not understanding how Levy works. Clubs in Spain, Italy and France, are trying their best to recover from the pandemic, but some of them have to sell. Inter Milan is the perfect example of this (Hi Lautaro, please join Spurs) as they are anywhere from “underwater” to “financially screwed” depending on what report you read. Spurs, however, are not either of those. The club isn’t flush with cash like we want them to be, but at least it’s steady.

Ndombele may not like the instability. He may not like training, London, England in general or just not like the situation. He’s going to have to deal with it, though. Unless a stupid offer comes in for him, Ndombele is going to play for Spurs this season and he’s going to be fun to watch as he usually is. We also kind of expect to read this headline come December or January because that just seems to be how his agents work.