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Watford 0-1 Tottenham: Sanchez header gives Spurs last-gasp win at Vicarage Road

A win is a win (is a win).

Watford v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Well, that was certainly a football match. Tottenham Hotspur went to Vicarage Road to play a Watford side that is likely going to struggle to escape relegation, and a club that has gone through five MANAGERS since the last time they had a clean sheet. In an ugly, defensive slog of a match, Tottenham had the vast majority of the ball but faced a resolute Watford defensive performance along with a very good game from keeper Daniel Bachmann.

The match was looking like a mucky goalless draw until a few minutes before time when play was stopped due to a medical emergency in the stands. With several minutes of extra time tacked on, Tottenham’s breakthrough came on a set piece: Son Heung-Min whipped a corner right to the head of Davinson Sanchez, who nodded the ball into the back of the net. It was enough — Spurs got the win and the three points, with the final score 0-1.

Here are my match reactions.


  • What a dreadful match.
  • We waited a long time for the goal, but it was a pretty dope one when it came. Sonny, who was off the boil throughout the match, whipped in a gorgeous cross right to Davinson Sanchez’s head. There’s a lot to be mad about in this match, but that goal wasn’t among the reasons.
  • Spurs got a lot of practice picking a locked defense in this match. That’s probably a good thing — they’re pretty bad at it and didn’t look like they improved much!
  • All that said, Spurs were clearly the better team, even though they played pretty poorly, and deserved the win. The xG was Watford 0.4 - 2.2 Tottenham, depending on which source you use. Harry Kane had six shots, which usually bodes well. Probably could’ve scored at least two but was denied by some pretty incredible stops by Bachmann.
  • With Kucka pretty much locking down Reguilon on the left, Watford looked perfectly content to let Emerson Royal operate in acres of space on the right wing. This seemed to be a good choice since Emerson couldn’t cross or beat a man to save his life.
  • IDK what was going on with Son, but he was again pretty awful today. Ball was glued to his feet much of the time, and when it wasn’t his passes weren’t connecting.
  • Knowing that Watford was planning on bunkering and hitting on the counter, it’s kind of amazing that Spurs opted to start without a creative passing midfielder or frankly anyone who can put in a line-breaking pass. Conte could’ve changed this match with some key substitutions and eventually did with Gio coming on, but he waited way, way too long. It’s the first time I’ve really been upset with the way he’s managed a match.
  • The match official today was TERRIBLE — no calls for the Kane penalty, the uncalled Dier rugby tackle, didn’t call advantage on Joao Pedro who was through on goal, consistently letting things slide on both sides. Hope we don’t see him again.
  • Davies was really lucky to not see red for that second half challenge. Yes, he got the ball, but his trailing leg took out Louza. You’ve seen those given, especially with VAR.
  • Really good to see Gio out there. Now let’s see a lot more of him.
  • I’m sure we’ll get more information regarding the medical emergency in the stands, but good job to everyone involved for getting treatment to the affected person quickly.
  • Wins are wins are wins, but I certainly won’t say that I enjoyed that match. Whatever. Spurs are up to fifth, two behind Arsenal and with two matches in hand. Chelsea’s up next in the Carabao semis.