Wheelchair, Football.

I wanted to share an anecdote about my Nan’s first journey to the new Tottenham Stadium. (She had been to WHL, but as a Leyton Orient fan, standing in the 70’s. (Pretty sure she started a riot).

The game involved a Puskas winning goal, a 5-0 win and almost a heart attack(me).

Wheeling around a mouthy 87yr old Irish lady is not fun, especially as disabled access to a lot of the Underground is limited, and she is not the smallest of old ladies.

We get to the Stadium, Nan is agog, she can’t believe a spaceship has landed in North London.

After getting through security we arrive at the designated disabled space in the South Stand.

I get a pie and a pint for us both, (She gets away with a pint in the stand as she is allowed her water bottle, Nan is drinking Neck Oil through a straw).

We all know the game, we destroyed them. Son scored THE Worldie of the season. Nan was bantering with the people nearby.

What stands out in my memory is Nan standing out of her wheelchair to applaud Son’s goal, as people celebrate around, a few think Son has performed a miracle, "a goal so good it makes people walk again" but she can stand, she just can’t walk, and as she sits down, out of breathe, she wheezes at me, "I knew we should have supported Korea, what a smile"

We waited at the bar for everything to calm down before going home. Firstly for how my Nan seemed young again for 4 hours, and for that goal.

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