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Weird rumor says Levante in for Tottenham’s Joe Rodon

Sometimes words just magically appear on the internet and I read them IDK

Annual Bat Migration Photo credit should read Nick Garbutt / Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

OK bear with me here, there are transfer rumors and then there are TRANSFER RUMORS if you know what I mean and this one seems to fall in the latter category, replete with cauldrons of bats swooping around it and through fields of stalactites.

But it’s practically deadline day, so here goes: Super Deporte is reporting that Joe Rodon is a target for Levante.

This means something.

Levante is currently mucking around dead last in La Liga, and with 11 points from 21 matches they look dead set to be relegated this season. The report states that Levante sees Rodon as a potential alternative to their first choice CB target Simon Deli, who plays for Adana Demirspor in Turkey. Adana Demirspor is apparently playing some hardball in negotiations for Deli, so any potential move for Rodon would probably be a last minute one.

This is pretty batcountry stuff, I know. It’s also appropriate as Levante’s cub crest kinda looks like a bat if you cock your head and squint at it just so, so maybe this is actual interest and maybe this is just a fever dream coming from covering the Mint 400 race just outside of Las Vegas in a convertible with my best friend Gonzo. I don’t know, y’all. All I know is this came across my feed and I’m now sharing it with you. Levante. Rodon. Deli (but not Dele). [checks notes] Super Deporte. Something about bats.

Let’s talk about something else.