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Romano: Ajax has bid for Steven Bergwijn with Spurs ready to offload him this month

And it sounds like Ajax isn’t the only one interested.

Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Paul Harding/Getty Images

The outgoings are almost as important for Tottenham Hotspur as the incomings during this January transfer window, and one of the players who has been consistently linked with a move out of the club is Steven Bergwijn. We’ve heard rumors about interest from Ajax on taking the former PSV man back to the Netherlands before, but now Fabrizio Romano is swinging in on a vine with further evidence that Stevie B could be on his way out.

Stevie just hasn’t impressed Antonio Conte the way he needed to, despite Spurs’ manager calling him an option as a Harry Kane backup should the need arise. This is the first time though that I’ve heard that Ajax, much less any other clubs, has made an actual offer to take him.

This particular rumor makes me think that there’s probably some not-insignificant money involved — not a ton since Ajax never pays a ton of cash for players, but enough to probably make us nod our heads in approval. And if Spurs can get rid of a few players Conte doesn’t rate in order to help fund an Actual Striker™, well, that’s probably best for all involved.

I like Stevie. I think he’s kinda gotten a raw deal at Spurs based on manager history as well as injury. I also think he could be very, VERY good for a club like Ajax, assuming that’s where he eventually ends up. Whatever happens, I hope he’s in a happy place where he’s playing lots of minutes.