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Kulusevski, Lucas Moura spotted in Tottenham training photos

Good news!

AFP via Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have a pretty massive Champions League match coming up on Wednesday when they host Eintracht Frankfurt at the Googleplex Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. We haven’t gotten team news or anything relating to a player injury update, but we can perhaps intuit some good news from the latest batch of photos at Tottenham’s training ground.

And that good news is this: both Lucas Moura and Dejan Kulusevski are back in full training. You can see proof of that in this article’s header photo, taken this morning.

Now, I’m certain Antonio Conte will be asked about the status of his two attacking options in his press conference, which is likely to be either today or tomorrow. And just because we’ve seen both Deki and Lucas in training photos doesn’t necessarily mean either are ready to start a match or even play significant minutes. However, having both of them back in training suggests that both are well along the road to a full recovery from their respective injuries.

And that’s a big deal. Conte has talked on several occasions about the need for a big squad in order to rotate (even if his starting lineups and substitutions don’t garner a ton of evidence toward that end), but having two attacking options sidelined does hamstring him a bunch. Having the option to bring in one (or both?) of Lucas or Deki even for spot minutes at the end of a match would be pretty huge. There are a ton of matches coming up, and Harry Kane can’t play every minute of all of them, even if he wanted to.

So we’ll be watching and waiting for more updates, but that’s definitely something we can hang our collective hats on as Spurs get ready for what feels like a must-win match in the Champions League group stage.

Tottenham kick off at home against Frankfurt on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. ET / 8:00 p.m. UK.