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Report: Spurs coach Yaya Toure rebuffs managerial interest from Wigan

That Tottenham birthday cake paid some dividends, I guess.

UEFA Champions League 2022/23 Group Stage Draw Photo by Lukas Schulze - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Yaya Toure is staying at Tottenham Hotspur for a while longer. The retired Manchester City star midfielder has been at Spurs for a year now working as a coach with the academy players and underage teams, though he obviously has managerial ambitions.

But it seems like he’s putting those ambitions on hold, at least for now. According to Mike Minay, a BBC reporter and match commentator for City, Toure has shrugged off interest from Wigan Athletic to fill their open position as manager.

We don’t know exactly why Yaya would turn down being Wigan’s manager. It could be that he doesn’t feel like he’s ready yet. It could be that he prefers being at Tottenham, living in London, with one of the nicest training facilities in the country. It could be that he just doesn’t want to take on the tough job of turning Wigan around, which is currently 22nd in the Championship table and who sacked manager Leam Richardson a week ago.

Or maybe Spurs just made him a birthday cake last year and he’s appreciative of the effort? Good a reason as any.