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World Cup Open Football Thread: Opening Day

The international tournament opens up with the host nation.


Well, here we go.

The Winter World Cup is officially upon us, whether we like it or not. While we’re not going to go deep into coverage for reasons already stated, what we will continue to do is give you an open thread to discuss the match if you do indeed follow the tournament.

We will highlight the Spurs players that are involved in each match as well as possible players to watch that Tottenham Hotspur might be linked to. Standard rules apply, of course.

World Cup Matchday #1:

Group A: Qatar vs. Ecuador

4:00 PM UK, 11:00 AM ET

No Spurs players are involved in this match and there aren’t really any targets to truly pay attention to as possible transfer links. You’ll recognize a few players from Brighton on the Ecuadorian side, including left fullback Pervis Estupinan, who has been playing quite well this season even with the change at manager.

Keep it civil as always and enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.