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World Cup Day Two Open Thread

England and USA are in action today.

Wales Media Session

Three matches are on the docket today for the second day of the World Cup, and plenty of Spurs players, both current and former will be in action today.

England vs. Iran

Time: 1:00 PM UK, 8:00 AM ET

Harry Kane and Eric Dier are in action for the opener, and there’s a looming cloud we’ve written about regarding Kane wearing the One Love armband that might result in a booking if England moves forward with it. The Iranians are sneaky good and might give England some issues, but this is one the Three Lions should win.

Senegal vs. Netherlands

Time: 4:00 PM UK, 11:00 AM ET

While there are no current Spurs players on either squad, former striker Vincent Janssen and recent outgoing transfer Steven Bergwijn both play for the Dutch. This could be a fun match for neutrals, though Sadio Mane is out of action for Senegal.

USA vs. Wales

Time: 7:00 PM UK, 2:00 PM ET

Beloved ex-Spurs attacker Gareth Bale is the biggest star in this match, coming off of a cup-winning goal for LAFC in MLS Cup. Current Spurs defender Ben Davies, who has been with the club for almost a decade and is somehow on the younger side of 30, is expected to start for the Welsh. DeAndre Yedlin only made one appearance for Spurs during his tenure but he will start at fullback for the Yanks in this one.

That’s your schedule for today. As always, follow proper etiquette in the thread and enjoy the matches.