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World Cup Open Thread Day Seven

Argentina need a bounce back today or they’re in deep trouble.

World Cup 2022 - Argentina - Saudi Arabia Photo by Robert Michael/picture alliance via Getty Images

The FIFA World Cup continues today with four more matches as the groups are starting to clear up. One group that got turned upside down was Group C thanks to a massive upset by Saudi Arabia over Argentina. Group D looks like its under control by France, but the injury bug has bit them again, which may leave the door open.

Tunisia vs. Australia

Time: 10:00 AM UK, 5:00 AM ET

Neither of these teams are out of it yet, though a draw will give us possible chaos going into the final matchday next week. The Socceroos got their beating by the French out of the way and can put themselves back into contention with a victory over Tunisia, who drew Denmark 1-1 in their opener.

Poland vs. Saudi Arabia

Time: 1:00 PM UK, 8:00 AM ET

Raise your hand if you were like me and thought the Saudi Arabians were basically here just for the hell of it. If you did, pull up a chair next to me and chow down on some crow. They played a stellar match defensively and got the goals when they needed them. Poland aren’t exactly pushovers, but the Green Falcons (love that nickname) have otherworldly confidence and will look to lock down their group.

France vs. Denmark

Time: 4:00 PM UK, 11:00 AM ET

Hugo vs. Pierre headlines this one in terms of Spurs players. The French took care of business, 3-0, in their opening match, but they took another L in the injury column after losing Lucas Hernandez to a torn ACL. They still have a deep roster, but these injuries are mounting up for Les Blues. The Danes got a point out of their opener, and while getting any kind of result against France will help, a win makes that final matchday a lot less stressful.

Argentina vs. Mexico

Time: 7:00 PM UK, 2:00 PM ET

Argentina are looking for answers after their astonishing defeat at the hands of Saudi Arabia, and things do not get easier as they take on a Mexico side that will not lay down for anyone. The Sickos Committee result here is Mexico sending Argentina home early, though you can bet La Albiceleste will come out ready for a fight.