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There is currently no schedule room for Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur

This seems like a problem!


Remember about a million years ago when the Queen died and the Premier League, somehow managing to NOT plan for this eventuality, canceled a weeks worth of matches during an already highly compressed schedule that includes an ill-advised winter World Cup, European football, and two domestic cups?

Yeah. Well now there’s another problem. As of now, there is literally nowhere in the fixture calendar to put that rescheduled match. Like, no space. None. Zilch.

This seems like a problem!

Now, this is an issue because presently all four of the above-mentioned teams are still participating in all available competitions. Space will open up for most of these teams if they fall out of one of the cup competitions, and that’s still the most likely scenario — that this somehow works itself out over time and in due course.

However, if one of these teams manages to make it to the finals of the League Cup, FA Cup, and respective European league, then the Premier League is kind of up a creek without a paddle. And of all of the above teams, Manchester City is probably the one team that might actually successfully do that.

I have no idea what will happen if that’s the case. Will they invent a new match date somewhere? Play the fixture after the “conclusion” of the Premier League? Force the teams to play two matches on consecutive days? No good options there.

I’m starting to think that maybe literally scheduling the football calendar to capacity might not have been a good idea.