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Tottenham Hotspur World Cup Roundup: Day 12

No Spurs players in action today, but we say goodbye to some old friends.

Croatia v Belgium: Group F - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Pablo Morano/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Pour one out for Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld, and the Belgium “golden generation.” The FIFA #2 ranked team flamed out of the World Cup today in the group stages, concluding what should be considered one of the biggest wastes of a golden generation in decades. Kind of tough to explain how a Belgium team with that much talent never managed to actually win anything over that stretch of time. Good news though (I guess) for Ivan Perisic, who advances to the next round of the tournament and gets to stay in Qatar for another week.

Also, the last day of Group E might go down as one of the most bonkers days of this tournament. Japan wins the group! Costa Rica was at one point qualifying ahead of Spain! It was wild!

We know that some of you aren’t watching this World Cup for a variety of reasons, but for people who would like to know how the Tottenham Hotspur players did for their national teams, we’re going to continue to keep you appraised. Here’s a summary of today’s matches.

Canada 1-2 Morocco (Group F)

There were no Tottenham players past or present involved in this match.

Belgium 0-0 Croatia (Group F)

Former Hotspurs: Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld ride off into the sunset together, starting and playing 90 minutes in Belgium’s doomed draw. The ageless Luka Modric also captained Croatia, went the distance, and had two shots, both of which were saved.

Costa Rica 2-4 Germany (Group E)

No Tottenham players past or present featured in this match.

Japan 2-1 Spain (Group E)

No Tottenham players past or present featured in this match.