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Tottenham’s rumored 23-24 away kits look absolutely dope

It’s still a concept, but these are an insta-buy.

We’re nearly at the new year which means it’s officially Kit Leak Season! This is usually when designs for next season’s kits start to leak out at the Footy Headlines blog and that’s exactly what’s happening.

We’ve already gotten details about next season’s home kit (spoiler: it’s a white shirt with maybe some navy trim) but apart from some general leaks about basic color we haven’t gotten anything about the 2022-23 away kits, until yesterday. Footy Headlines posted what they are calling a “possible design” for Spurs’ change strip, and while this is still a concept shirt, it’s pretty dang dope.

Check it out.

Wowza! It may be a mockup but if the away kit next season is anything close to this I’m gonna strongly consider buying it on release day. The ideal colors for any Spurs away kit are either navy or “spurple” and this combines the best of both worlds — a simple navy kit (“marine”), subtle purple highlights, and a white sponsor logo. Straight fire, homie.

Nike is apparently pushing the iridescent logo thing in next season’s templates and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see that on a bunch of Nike teams’ kits next season. I’m not sold on the concept quite yet, but it could look pretty sweet in real life, and likely will make counterfeiting them a lot more difficult for those of you who get your knock-off shirts for cheap on DHGate.

Of course, this is Nike so there’s a non-zero chance that the final kit will end up with some extra detailing or some sort of wacky background pattern or paisley print or something, who knows. The template, predictably, looks a lot like what Footy Headlines is suggesting for Barcelona’s home kit so if those get released earlier that may give us some additional clues.

That said? These are dope as hell and I hope the final result is something close to what’s posted above.