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Tottenham’s 2023-24 third kits are going to be... beige.

This is a choice.

It apparently really is kit leak season right now, which makes sense — the World Cup is winding down with the final on Sunday and there isn’t any other (men’s) football happening at the moment, so what’s there to talk about besides 2022-23 kit leaks and the impending collapse of the world’s largest social media platform?

So let’s keep talking about kits. Specifically, Tottenham Hotspur kits. One day after posting a mock-up of some absolutely fire-emoji navy and purple away kits, and with knowing that Spurs’ home kits will be (duh) predominantly white, Footy Headlines has dropped some hints as to what to expect for the third kits.

And... we can expect beige.

Wow. That’s a CHOICE. Spurs are deciding that, yes, it’ll be totally cool and good to play in a kit the same color as your apartment wall. But, okay, let’s be real — Spurs’ third kits are going to incorporate TWO shades of beige, along with black, making it less like your apartment wall and more like the waiting area in your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Taupe Haze” and “Diffused Taupe” don’t inspire a ton of confidence. Now, let’s be fair — we don’t know anything about the actual kit design. Nike’s third kits tend to be a little “out there” — in recent years we’ve had third kits from Nike that were teal with a cityscape print, purple and neon yellow geometric camo print, wild galaxy swirls, weird white and purple quarters, and most recently a highlighter cyan wavy pattern. Footy Headlines says that the sponsor and kit logos are likely going to be black, and that “Diffused Taupe” is likely the accent color. The site is right about one thing — these are certainly colors we have never seen before on a Spurs kit.

So I’m willing to put aside my skepticism until I see them in person. Maybe they’ll look a lot cooler than they do in a color swatch! Maybe they’ll have black shorts! Maybe they’ll have a fun pattern! Or maybe they’ll just be... beige.

God, I can’t wait for club football to come back.