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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham news and links for Wednesday, February 16

Let me tell you about a bear named Paddington

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Birmingham City Women v Tottenham Hotspur Women - Barclays FA Women’s Super League Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

Hello and happy Wednesday, hoddlers! Apparently today is a Wednesday.

During one of my hoddles last week, I ironically suggested a list of films and television series that would be better viewing options than Spurs-Wolves (apologies for the reminder). But let it be known that one of those suggestions was not ironic. Indeed, it was included with the sincerest intentions.

That film was Paddington.

And one commenter in that hoddle made fitzie’s day: Paddington 3 is in production.

Yes! Say it again! Paddington 3 is in production!

Godfather what? Lord of the Rings who? Harry Potter and the flim-flams and zip-zorps? Forget them all!

(photo courtesy of Variety)

There is no trilogy that your dearest Hoddler-in-Chief would rather watch than Paddington. I admit I was hesitant at first to dive into the world of our cuddly hero. But after coming home at 2 am one morning, I flicked on the HBO and - man oh man - the tears flowed and a hoddler was converted.

Let me tell you, the cinematography was gorgeous. That pop-up booklet-style scene when Paddington dreamt he welcomed Aunt Lucy to London has stuck with me for years.

And I can only imagine the hijinks our bear from “Darkest Peru” will get into in the latest installment. Oh, an overflowing tub? Silly bear! Mixing up prisoners’ uniforms? Paddington, you tender rapscallion! Cleaning windows, are we? Our well-mannered, happy-go-lucky hero is truly one of a kind!

Only a handful of films have a 99% rating or better on Rotten Tomatoes, and Paddington 2 is one of them. Does that make it better than Citizen Kane? Yeah, it does. And really, who would choose to watch Citizen Kane over Paddington 2? Would you rather watch a film about a sled or a cute bear breaking out of prison? It’s the bear. It’s always the bear.

Give me orange marmalade sandwich over Rosebud any day of the week.

Even I, someone who’s studied film, would rather watch our Bear Wonder chase that slippery devil Hugh Grant.

There isn’t much we know about Paddington 3. Not yet. What we do know is that Ben Whishaw - who voices our red-hatted, kind-hearted Carnivora - is returning, and that production begins sometime towards the end of this year. And he’s got to be eating one of those delicious orange marmalade sandwiches, right?

According to this Collider article, the trilogy will be losing director Ben King to some Wily Wonka retread. But this Hoddler-in-Chief has no fear, because in Paddington Bear we trust.

Fitzie’s track of the day: Stand for Myself by Yola

And now for your links:

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