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Harry Kane is at the Masters because of course he is

This is completely and utterly anticipated behavior.

Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open - Previews Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Harry Kane loves golf. This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s been following Tottenham Hotspur or Kane for any length of time. Reports are he’s a huge fan of the game and has been for some time, and he’s been spotted at London area golf courses playing with Matt Doherty and Eric Dier, as well as Jamie Redknapp.

Heck, two years ago he was spotted in the background of a video posted on Instagram by Jose Mourinho after Tottenham beat Arsenal in the North London Derby, sitting in the Spurs locker room watching golf in his underwear. The man loves the game, what can I say?

England, Tottenham, golf. Seems reasonable to me.

So when a report showed up on Twitter that Harry Kane was at the final round of the Masters tournament at Augusta National today, my instant response was — well, of COURSE he is. Why wouldn’t he be?

Now, there are probably going to be some Very Serious Individuals who claim that this is “unprofessional” of Harry and that he should be back in north London dedicating all of his focus and energy on making sure Tottenham qualifies for the Champions League at the expense of anything that (else) might enhance one’s life for the better. Those people probably hate fun and you shouldn’t listen to them. If you’re a professional athlete making zillions of pounds a year and who has both the time and the financial infrastructure to be able to take a 10 hour flight to go watch other rich professional athletes whack a ball around a lovely expanse of immaculately mown grass for a day, well why the heck shouldn’t you?

Naturally, we wanted proof. We got it.

In my heart of hearts I was desperate for a screen shot of a television showing Harry Edward Kane, MBE somewhere in the stands by Augusta hole #12 with the rest of the hoi polloi, but I guess when you’re the England captain you’re going to end up in front of a Sky Sports camera in a gazebo. That’s fine too. And he sure looks like he’s enjoying himself. Bless him, he doesn’t even look jet-lagged.