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Aston Villa 0 - 4 Tottenham Hotspur: Second half dominance gives Spurs all three points

It was violent. It was spicy. And it’s three points!

Aston Villa v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

A brilliant second half from Tottenham Hotspur saw them take apart a feisty Aston Villa side by the final score of 4-0 at Villa Park.

The only question mark for the lineup was whether or not one of Sergio Reguilon or Ryan Sessegnon would reclaim the left wingback position coming off of injury. Antonio Conte decided not to risk it with either, especially when Matt Doherty is in fantastic form. Both were on the bench, though, meaning they are available and getting a little more time before they have to go 90 minutes.

Match Timeline

3’ - A little spicy to start with three quick fouls between the two sides.

4’ - GOAL TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! (Son) - Spurs put the pressure on after a foul, getting into a dangerous position. Kane blasts a shot into the stomach of a defender, which falls to Sonny. He takes a big rip and kisses it off the inside of the post to rattle it home. Perfect start, 1-0!

8’ - Matt Doherty is still down after a hard challenge. He’s trying to walk it off so he can get back in but he is hobbling pretty hard.

10’ - Doherty is back down and has signaled to the bench. Sergio Reguilon is getting ready on the bench after a very quick warm-up.

13’ - He’s going to give it one more try. More than likely it’s a deep bruise after that hard challenge so it just comes down to how much can he tolerate where he doesn’t hinder things.

14’ - Solid save from Hugo Lloris after a Cash shot from distance!

17’ - And another one! Villa slice open the defense as Jacob Ramsey gets in on net, but Hugo makes a point blank save to send it over the crossbar.

19’ - Hugo again! McGinn gets a long-distance crack that knuckles on the way to the net. Somehow the captain makes another big save.

20’ - Okay this is getting out of hand. Villa’s challenges might get the ball first but the follow throughs are brutal.

21’ - Substitution, Tottenham Hotspur: Doherty can’t go any further. Sergio Reguilon comes on for him.

22’ - It’s about fucking time we see a card. Ings gets shown yellow for his late challenge. The referee needs to get control of this match in a hurry.

24’ - Jacob Ramsey is down now for Villa. He might have hurt himself trying to kill Bentancur.

28’ - Spurs get lucky on a set piece for Villa. A lob over the top to feed Ings is perfect, but the striker completely whiffs on it.

29’ - Hojbjerg goes into the book for his challenge on Coutinho. Questionable booking given some of the challenges we’ve seen so far.

32’ - Villa just keep slicing us open. Coutinho gets deep into the attacking third and crosses to Ollie Watkins. The headed effort is way too high and ends up in the stands. Spurs need to clamp down and get some possession or this lead isn’t going to last.

34’ - Cuti with a receipt on Watkins. Got the ball first, though. That’s the rule, right guys?

35’ - Spurs earn a free kick after a challenge by McGinn. There is no way this match is ending 11 vs. 11. If it does, it’ll be a miracle.

37’ - Keep clenching, everyone. Hugo makes another save after Watkins gets put in on net. It’s another corner for Villa.

38’ - Lordy. I have no idea how Villa haven’t scored, especially on that one. Ramsey crosses the ball in and Mengs flicks it on to Ings. He’s all alone, but scuffs it wide for a goal kick.

43’ - Oh man, Spurs just about got a gift on a Reguilon shot. Good save, but then Mengs almost sends it into his own net. Martinez takes the deflection and it’s out for a corner.

45’ - There will be five added minutes.

45’+1’ - Villa crying for a penalty on a clear try-hard attempt for a foul that isn’t there. Pretty funny, honestly.

45’+3’ - Cash gets another one-time effort, this one a side volley, but Hugo makes yet another save. That’s six in this half alone.

45’+5’ - Hugo is standing on his head today. A ripped free kick almost sneaks in near post, but Lloris makes a two-fisted save to somehow deny Villa gain. Seven saves.

HALF-TIME: Everyone catch your breath. Spurs lead Villa 1-0 after a violent and chaotic half.

Second Half

46’ - No changes for either side’s lineup. Let’s see if violence is still on the menu.

47’ - It is. McGinn cuts off Hojbjerg to earn a foul.

48’ - Another foul against Villa and they continue to complain after each one of them. If you’re going to play violently, get used to it.

50’ - GOAL TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! (Kulusevski) - GIMME GIMME A GINGER! This is out of absolutely nothing. Lloris sends it long and Kane flicks it on to Deki. It’s a pretty absurd shot and angle, but that doesn’t matter as he sends it into the corner of the net. 2-0!

53’ - Mengs is down for Villa after the goal and apparently a flare has gone off in the stands? Just another day of football.

54’ - Spurs break again on the counter after a terrible pass from Villa. Deki’s pass for Sonny is just a little too much, otherwise it might be 3-0.

61’ - Still spicy as hell in this match. Royal gets whistled for a chop down but avoids a booking.

66’ - GOAL TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! (Son) - Absolutely brilliant counter-attacking football. Romero makes a long pass to Kane, who does a simple flick on with his head to release Sonny. One touch, shot, goal. 3-0!

70’ - Substitution, Aston Villa: Buendia and Bailey come on for Villa.

72’ - GOAL TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR! (Son) - Hat trick for Sonny! Deki dribbles deep into the attacking third, taking it to the touch line and fakes out Mengs. A simple pull back and perfect pass allows Sonny to one-time it into the net. 4-0 and it’s all over but the crying.

74’ - Emerson goes into the book for his foul on Digne.

78’ - Substitution, Tottenham Hotspur: Sonny takes a bow as he makes way for Lucas Moura.

80’ - Substitution, Aston Villa: Ashley Young comes on for an injured Digne.

82’ - Ashley Young has been on the pitch for all of 90 seconds and does that. He had no intention of playing that ball as he goes into the book for his challenge. Absolute garbage challenge.

84’ - Substitution, Tottenham Hotspur: Steven Bergwijn checks in for Deki. Another brilliant performance for the former Juventus man.

88’ - The oles are in full swing in the away end. This second half has been so good and they’re enjoying themselves.

90’ - McGinn whining about getting nutmegged by Kane is a perfect summary of Villa’s day.

90’+1’ - Kane gets a yellow card for a cynical challenge.

90’+2’ - Hugo called into action again on a set piece, but he snuffs out a one-time touch to preserve his clean sheet.

FULL TIME: Spurs defeat Aston Villa, 4-0. Fantastic second half and Spurs get a huge advantage on the rest of the field for the final Champions League spot.

Thoughts on the Match

  • This team’s counter-attack is incredible. Spurs ripped apart Villa in the second half twice out of nothing setups. The long balls from Hugo and Romero to set up those goals were fantastic. Sonny has been lethal and Kane’s passing ability is still other-worldly.
  • Villa’s tactics of “kill anything that moves” kept Spurs on their back heel in the first half. It probably goes differently if there’s actual bookings, but who am I to question an EPL referee?
  • Despite a Sonny hat trick, my Man of the Match is Hugo. Seven saves in the first half and any one of them could have changed the course of this match. Villa threw the kitchen sink at him and he answered every last shot.
  • What else can we say about Deki? He has slotted into this attack like he’s been playing with Kane and Son for years. We appreciate the business, Juventus.
  • Spurs are absolutely flying now. Since the loss to Burnley, Spurs have taken 18 out of 21 points and outscored the opposition 25-5.
  • Spurs are now three points above Arsenal in fourth place. The Gunners have one match in hand but Spurs now enjoy a +10 advantage in goal differential.
  • Two tweets you need to see:
  • We’re back at it next Saturday at home against Brighton.
  • Enjoy your weekend after this one, everyone!