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Kane comments suggest he’s staying at Tottenham past this summer

Kane seems happy with his club and his manager.

Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

You would think the subject of Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur would be settled by now, but we all have been around the block enough to know that’s not the case. Kane’s protracted transfer saga last summer left a bad taste in the mouths of many Spurs supporters (myself included), but Kane was not allowed to leave the club a year ago for Manchester City and to his credit he has buckled down and played his heart out this season.

The appointment of Antonio Conte has also mollified Kane, and the residual bitterness from last summer hasn’t lessened Harry’s importance to Tottenham. He’s played 48 matches this season, and just over 4100 minutes of action. And despite a “down” year in goals scored, he’s still within spitting distance of Jimmy Greaves’ all-time Tottenham scoring record, just 19 behind the Spurs legend.

All that said, Kane has new quotes about Tottenham’s future and the importance of Conte in an exclusive interview in the Evening Standard, and if you read between the lines there’s a hint that he’s happy with his football and the state of Tottenham Hotspur after this season.

“There is still a lot of work to do. I think the improvement has definitely been there since [Conte] came in to where we are now. It shows it can be done in a short space of time, but obviously we will see what happens over the summer and look forward to the next season with a great manager. Hopefully we’ve learnt a lot since he’s been here.

“I have no idea [about Conte’s future] to be honest, that is his decision. But he has worked really hard while he has been here, he’s a great guy, a really passionate man so whatever his decision is you have to respect it. But for sure I am enjoying it and I know the boys are enjoying working with him.

“I have said I am a big fan of his and we get on really well so of course it would be great for the club if he stays. But like I have said that is his decision, he’s his own man, and I’m sure he will talk to the club and decide on his future. From our point of view we are all enjoying working with him.

“We had some good times with Jose [Mourinho], we were top of the league for the first few months of the season, we have had spells where we were really good but it is about doing that on a consistent basis over a whole season in all competitions, and not just in the Premier League. That is where we have got to get better and learn from and for sure the last few months have been a big improvement.”

While Kane doesn’t make any definitive statements on his future, there’s a general sense of optimism at play, and a hint that contrary to last season he’s currently happy where is is. In the background, of course, is the reality that if he wants to leave to play football elsewhere and compete for trophies, his options are slim, especially if he wants to stay in England. Manchester City just purchased Erling Haaland and are unlikely to renew their interest in Kane this summer. We don’t know yet what Chelsea’s ownership transfer will mean with regards to their finances, and at any rate it’s unlikely that Spurs would sell to them anyway. Liverpool are not in a place where they are likely to spend that amount of cash to purchase a player like Harry Kane. That leaves Manchester United, who are in rebuilding mode under new manager Erik Ten Hag, and it’s not clear whether Kane would want to leave one club on the rise for a bigger club that’s currently trying to claw its way out of a downturn.

So while Kane’s comments aren’t a robust “I’m committed and I’m staying,” almost as interesting is what’s behind his admiration for Conte in the above quotes. Certainly Kane recognizes the improvement Spurs have undergone this season and can see the upward trajectory under Conte. If you asked me, I’d say that this past season, combined with his dwindling options, will likely result in him staying. The following question is whether he’ll consider signing a new contract.