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Brace yourselves. The Paulo Dybala rumors are back.

Paulo Dybala gestures after his last home game for Juventus...
“Hi, Spurs fans!”
Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Death. Taxes. Tottenham Hotspur linked with Paulo Dybala. There’s a fresh rumor out today that once again links Spurs with a summer transfer for the Juventus attacker, but this particular rumor has a little extra gravitas due the source.

That source is Christian Martin, a football journalist who is considered one of the top tier journos for Argentinian players, and he says that Spurs are in negotiations to sign him as a free agent this summer.

Spurs have, as we know, been closely linked to Dybala for what feels like ages, but at least for the past couple of years. Most notably, two summers ago Dybala was all but set to join Spurs only to have the move scuttled on deadline day, reportedly over a complicated deal that involved third party ownership and his image rights.

Now 28, Dybala isn’t a spring chicken and would command what will probably be insane wages – he’s reportedly currently on wages around £220k/wk at Juventus – but we know he’s a player that Antonio Conte greatly admires. His goals and assists are a bit down from past seasons; he had 10 goals and 5 assists in just under 2000 minutes of game time this season at Juventus, but there’s a LOT to dream on in his underlying stats. He’s a plus passer (99th percentile on FBRef) and is averaging nearly 4.5 S/90 playing as a 10. It’s not out of the question that under a manager like Conte he could turn into a monster in the Premier League next season. Imagine him feeding balls to Harry Kane. It’s a tantalizing thought.

Naturally, this is just the barest shell of a transfer rumor — we’re going to get tons of these of the next couple of months — and Dybala’s interest is almost certainly going to hinge on whether or not Spurs can take care of business and clinch Champions League football this coming Sunday at Norwich City. However, this does give an indication that Spurs are playing in the Champions League next season, they are very likely going to be linked with an entirely different class of player. And they might even land a few of them.