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Tottenham Stadium to host Vikings-Saints and Giants-Packers NFL games in October

Hand-egg is back!

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

The NFL is returning to London this fall and to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Earlier this year, the NFL confirmed that it would be expanding its overseas series to include, for the first time, games in Germany, but that three games would still be held in London in October. Of those three games, two of them will be held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Now, we know what the matchups are! Spurs will host the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints on October 2, and the New York Giants vs. the Green Bay Packers on October 9.

This will be the first match at Spurs’ home ground for all four of these teams. For the Green Bay Packers, it’s the first time they’ve been involved in the NFL’s international series ever — until now they were the only team not to play a game overseas. The Giants haven’t been across the pond since they played the Los Angeles Rams at Twickenham Stadium in 2016. New Orleans and Minnesota both played in London in 2017.

Jacksonville has been a regular in London playing an overseas match every year (apart from the 2020 COVID year), which makes sense as the team is owned by Fulham owner Shahid Khan.

The NFL has been increasing in popularity with English fans over the past number of years and this international series is a big reason why. Also, we might also be able to surmise that since Spurs are hosting two NFL games on consecutive Sundays that Tottenham Hotspur are likely to be playing away from home on both of those weekends; although the stadium can switch from NFL Mode to Soccer Mode over the course of a few hours, it seems unlikely that Spurs would be allowed to host two massive events in one weekend.