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A message from THE Cartilage Free Captain

Y’all are just the best. Thank you.

The London Football Awards Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for London Football Awards

I get emails. Sometimes they’re from people yelling at me, sometimes they’re people pointing out typos in my work. Sometimes, they’re people thanking me for Cartilage Free Captain and the work I and my staff put in to make this site run. This is one of those.

Jeff, aka Mr. Hyde, surprised me yesterday by emailing me with a Cameo video from Ledley King, this site’s namesake and one of the nicest footballing people I’ve ever met (and yes, I’ve met him.) I honestly don’t know quite how comfortable Ledley feels about the site’s name — when I met him at White Hart Lane, he heard the blog’s name, smirked at me and said “that’s really clever.” I suspect he probably doesn’t feel like he deserves it (he does). It’s still a fun video and you should watch it anyway.

Ledley name-drops me, but honestly, this is for all of you. This blog is one of the best Tottenham fan communities on the internet, one that I’m quite proud that I’ve been able to shepherd over the past eight years. Our names may be on the bylines, but it’s the people who read and who comment every day who make this place what it is. I really and truly don’t say it enough, but I’ve been absolutely blessed to run this place, and that’s because of people like you.

Thanks for making Cartilage Free Captain what it is. Now here’s Ledley.