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Tottenham look to strengthen their attacking band with addition of Richarlison

The price feels a bit steep, but negotiations are ongoing.

Japan v Brazil - International Friendly Photo by Kenta Harada/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur’s extremely busy window is ramping up as Director of Football Fabio Paratici has slammed the accelerator to the floor, refusing to stop for anything. The latest target? Everton attacker Richarlison.

First reported by UOL Sport reporter Bruno Andrade, who is an extremely reliable source, and then backed up by The Athletic’s David Ornstein, Spurs are doing more than kicking the tires on Merseyside as they attempt to woo the 25-year-old Brazilian International to north London.

The Athletic’s article, as expected, is paywalled but the tweet gives us most of the information: Richarlison is a hot commodity and Spurs want depth in attack. The price feels steep at £51m, but Everton need cash and we’re still talking about Daniel Levy handling some of the negotiation. Paratici is obviously handling the bulk of the work but when it comes to getting the best value, there’s nobody more feared than Levy.

Richarlison is reportedly adored by Antonio Conte and recognizes he’s a hard worker who can slot into any of the positions in the attack. We can make jokes about how he and Cuti Romero might kill each other in practice, but ultra-competitive players usually bring out the best in each other. It also helps when you wear the same kit and don’t have to go head to head.

If you’re worried about Richarlison’s output, remember that he played on a god-awful Everton side that almost got relegated and needed his heroics to survive at the end of the season. Toffee supporters aren’t going to be happy about this, and we also have to point out that Harry Winks has been linked to Everton in the last several weeks. The likelihood of him being involved in this deal isn’t low.

If Andrade and Ornstein are to be believed, and between the two of them there’s no reason not to, there should be movement on this next week.