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Let the bidding begin for Steven Bergwijn

Ajax lead the pack but Fab says there’s a lot of interest.

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

We have never been more certain of a player leaving Tottenham Hotspur than right now with Steven Bergwijn. The only questions that remain are the who and how much. Fabrizio Romano has weighed in as he is now in his perpetual three-month state of never sleeping, and it’s pretty simple: Pay us.

€30m translates to just over £25m, which is just a small loss on what Spurs paid for him a couple of years ago. By all accounts, everyone understands that this is the proper move and it will get over the finish line. As Romano mentioned, Ajax have been banging on Fabio Paratici’s door since January regarding this move, but the moment that Stevie’s second goal rolled into the net against Leicester, he wasn’t going anywhere until the summer.

To Spurs credit, it seems they aren’t going to stand in the way of this move and just want to re-coup as much of the money they paid as possible. Ajax’s first bid has come well shy of Spurs valuation, but it’s easy to squint and see this getting done at around £20m with some add-ons to escalate it up to near that valuation.

Steve’s situation is certainly difficult for him, and rightfully so. He came into the club like a house on fire and scored a banger against Manchester City in his debut. He showed great flashes, but tapered off. The manager changes certainly didn’t help as he had to try and adjust to multiple systems. Antonio Conte seems to be an admirer and appreciates him as a player, but when Dejan Kulusevski joined the club and two weeks later was playing like he had been here for five years, it was all but over.

Bergwijn is going to kill it wherever he goes, I’m almost certain of that. He deserves to be starting somewhere and Ajax would be a pretty fantastic landing spot for him. It might take a couple weeks of negotiations, but I’d be pretty surprised if Ajax don’t win out, especially since Fab isn’t saying who the other clubs are chasing him.