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Tottenham release new home shirts for 2022-23

Spurs’ new home kits have splashes of neon yellow.

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Tottenham Hotspur released their new home kits for the 2022-23 season, which incredibly kicks off on August 6. The kits are predominantly white, obviously, but have dark blue and neon yellow highlights on the collars and sleeves. They are available for purchase at the Tottenham club store.

These shirts aren’t exactly news if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time — the design for not only the home but also away and third kits were leaked a while ago so we’ve known this was coming. The new home kits will be worn for the first time during Tottenham’s preseason match against the Team K-League during Spurs’ preseason tour to South Korea in July.

I know the neon yellow color is going to divide fans who want nothing more (or less) than a plain white shirt with the cockerel crest on the left breast and a sponsor logo, but the more I see these the more I like them. The banding on the sleeves and collar remind me of the HP kits in 2013-14 (which I loved), I appreciate the simple crew neck collar, and near as I can tell this is the first time that Spurs have had prominent yellow highlights on a home kit since 2014-15. The kit detailing are also nice in a Nike templatey sort of way — the rounded shoulder design certainly looks better on these kits than they do on, say, Barcelona’s new home kits.

I also continue to appreciate that the club is making more of an effort to include Spurs Women in their promotional materials. The photos on the kit announcement prominently include not only Tottenham Hotspur Women club captain Shelina Zadorsky, but also Jessica Naz and Evaliina Summanen.

The price? Well, that’s another matter. The regular kits, without name or number, start at $90 (£75), with the Elite kits starting at $140 (£115), which is an increase from last year’s prices. That’s unsurprising, but I’m still continually shocked by the sticker price for kits every season.

The change and third kits will be released later on this summer. What do you think? Will you be shelling out the cash for a new home kit this year, and whose number will you put on the back?