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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham news and links for Monday, July 25

Let’s Rock?

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Tottenham Hotspur Women Unveil New Signing Ramona Petzelberger Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

good morning everyone.

Your hoddler-in-chief missed the last time The Black Keys toured after the release of Let’s Rock. Since then they have released two more albums - the Mississippi Blues inspired Delta Kream and Wild Child, which is more in line with the band’s signature garage-rock sound.

At Jones Beach Amphitheater in New York on Friday night, the band lacked any of the electricity that emanated from Let’s Rock’s cover art.

The hits came - Howlin For You, Tighten Up, Gold on the Ceilin’. But Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney didn’t seem interested in exploring their music at all. For a band whose influences stem from the blues, it lacked any feeling whatsoever.

The highlights of the night came from their five-song Delta Kream stretch, brining in some guest musicians to help them out. But that stretch only survived because of these guest musicians, with Kenny Brown the standout performer of the night.

Even when Carney and Auerbach played some of their catchiest hits - Let’s Rock and Wild Child - it seemed as if they weren’t interested in playing. I do wonder if others in attendance considered the Black Keys’ performance half-hearted.

The encore felt equally flat, which is hard to accomplish with Little Black Submarines and Lonely Boy. Was the group just tired? It’s a shame, too, considering how talented musicians Carney and Auerbach are.

Maybe all the energy escaped from the open-aired venue, but I think that would be generous. If the band is to cite John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson and freaking Howlin’ Wolf as influences on their work, then they need to deliver like those artists. I’m not asking for pyrotechnics or dancing, or any theatrics. I’m simply asking for them to feel the music they are playing.

Instead, on Friday night, they delivered a mostly flat performance that brought me from my feat to my seat within four songs.

Fitzie’s track of the day: Shine a Little Light, by The Black Keys

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