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The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham news and links for Monday, July 4

In search of coffee

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Israel v England: Final – UEFA European Under-19 Championship 2022 Photo by Christian Hofer - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Good morning, everyone. do you all recognise the great alfie devine in the lead image? nice one, alfie.

As advertised some time ago, I moved several hours south of my Connecticut confine and into the ivory- and concrete-encrusted tundra that is the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Saying goodbye to my coffee shop - the one Caffe Nero in Connecticut - was an upsetting moment. I visited at least twice a week since they opened their doors three-and-a-half years ago.

I don’t consider myself “settled” into a new area until I find a coffee shop. As an undergraduate at St John’s, I would visit a coffee shop just a few blocks from campus to escape everyone else. One day this woman grabbed the table I usually sat at, and I was a bit perturbed. Ten minutes later Lou Carnesecca sat at that table. It was the first of many times he and I sat across from one another.

In London I fluttered about. First to Ginger & White in Hampstead Village, then to the Waterstone’s Cafe (as Ginger & White got too busy), then to the many Costas and Caffe Neros. Then, finally, to a small Hungarian coffee shop somewhere between the route of the 139 bus and Kilburn High Street. I had my final coffee in London there. It was the last place I visited before I headed to the airport on December 1, 2017.

I never had a coffee shop in California. And it took me eight months of searching in Connecticut until I stumbled upon Caffe Nero on a flu-ridden birthday.

Venturing into my southeastern-most abode in my lifetime in these continental United States, I am in search of my next coffee shop. All I wanted today was to finish my Patti Smith memoir, Just Kids, which I had just read.

Last week’s search was unsuccessful. On a sweltering day, I walked into a place that closed early because of the lack of air conditioning. This weekend brought more success. The chairs were comfortable, the floorplan was spacious and the hosts amenable. The coffee was great, but I don’t go to coffee shops for the coffee.

Twice I went to this new coffee shop this weekend. There is cautious hope that I have found a new place. On my second visit I walked past another - what I would call a - “contender”. After days of stress and a morning consisting of an excruciating workout, all I want to do is read.

Fitzie’s track of the day: Ballad of You and Me & Pooneil, by Jefferson Airplane

And now for your links:

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Charlie Eccleshare ($$): What Spurs will get from Richarlison

Rebecca Lowe ($$) reportedly to re-sign with NBC as Premier League host

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly asks to leave Manchester United

Liverpool unveil signing of Fabio Carvalho