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Ornstein: Christian Eriksen agrees to join Manchester United


Denmark vs Austria - UEFA Nations League A Group 1 Photo by Lars Ronbog / FrontZoneSport via Getty Images

There are some good things happening in the world of Tottenham Hotspur, but let’s start the day out with some bad news. According to David Ornstein in The Athletic and now confirmed by multiple other sources, Christian Eriksen has decided where he’s going to play football next season — and it’s at Manchester United.

The agreement is a verbal one, and will be a three year contract with significant wages. At United, Eriksen will join Erik Ten Hag who most recently managed Ajax, Eriksen’s old club. He chooses United over Brentford, who gave Christian his big chance to return to Premier League football after his cardiac arrest during the 2020 EUROs, and Tottenham, his former club.

Eriksen joining United instantly makes them a better club, and while United undoubtedly made Eriksen the most lucrative offer, the decision smacks of Christian going after the bag. And honestly, fair play to him I suppose. Christian doesn’t really seem much like the kind of player who is nostalgic for past stops along his career, and Spurs were unlikely to be able to offer a three year deal with the same wages that United could. Eriksen without question has earned the right to decide where he wants to play.

But on a visceral, fandom level, this is gross and I wish he’d made a different choice. I’m not relishing having to watch Spurs play against him at least twice a season for the next three years.