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Join Carty Free’s Fantasy League for the Women’s Euro

Missing FPL? Interested in women’s soccer? Great, get in here!

Holland v Finland -International Friendly Women
Our very own Eveliina Summanen in action
Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images

If you’ve been looking for a sign from the universe to hop on the UEFA Women’s Euro train, you’re in luck–Cartilage Free Captain is hosting a fantasy league on this site, and we’d love it if you joined!

This promises to be the biggest and most exciting Women’s Euro yet, with England, France, Spain, and Sweden all looking like strong sides. Personally, I think joining a fantasy league is a great way to get involved, whether you’re a seasoned supporter who knows the ins and outs of every player on every team, or a beginner just looking for a way in to following an unfamiliar tournament.

The Carty Free competition will start on July 11th with the 2nd round of group stage games. The Euro itself starts tomorrow, July 6th, so you’ll have a whole week to set up your team.

Here’s how to join the league:

  • First, you’ll need to make an account here
  • Next, under the “Leagues” tab, search for League No. 437
  • Finally, enter the password when prompted: KJXNY
Here’s about what it should look like

What are the rules?

This is a little different than Fantasy Premier League, but if you played fantasy during last summer’s men’s euro, this might sound familiar. The tournament is split up into six rounds: Group Stage 1/3, Group Stage 2/3, Group Stage 3/3, Quarter Final, Semi Final, and, of course, Final.

You’ll have unlimited transfers between rounds and up until your player’s match has actually started, and the ability to choose your captain, whose points will be doubled. Players will be awarded a combination of team points and individual points for things like wins, goals, and assists. Unlike FPL, your substitutes’ points do count towards your total score, and you get to pick one supersub, whose points will count double only if they’re substituted in.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, and just go with players you like. You can also read more about the specifics of the points system here.

More information on the teams and players

If this is your first foray into following international women’s football, I’m loving this set of previews at the Athletic:

I’m also loving this non-paywalled content from our colleagues over at All For XI.

Are there any Tottenham players at the Euro?

Eveliina Summanen and Tinja-Rikka Korpela will be representing Finland. You also might recognize some former players, like Viki Schnaderbeck (Austria), Rachel Furness (Northern Ireland), and Aurora Mikalsen (Norway). As your resident optimist, I’m obviously also hoping we see might some players who’ll play for Tottenham in the future!

Questions? Throw them in the comments, and may the best nerd win!