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Tottenham agree loan deal with Barca for Clement Lenglet

Still a few details to iron out, but it looks like Lenglet will be on the plane to Korea by the end of the week.

Athletic Club v FC Barcelona - La Liga Santander Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

The two impending transfers that Tottenham Hotspur fans have been waiting on have been for Middlesbrough wingback Djed Spence and Barcelona LCB Clement Lenglet. Now it looks like we finally have moment on one of them. This morning, Fabrizio Romano posted the most positive news we’ve had in a few days, reporting that Spurs and Barca have agreed a one year loan deal for the French international defender.

The purchase option has been one of the sticking points in this deal getting across the line, and the rumors have been all over the place. There was once a (poorly sourced, likely misunderstood) report suggesting the option could be as low as €5m, and yesterday there was talk it could be as high as €20m. Now, if Fabrizio’s correct, there may not be an option at all and this would be a straight loan. That’d be kinda weird, especially if Barcelona are as down on Lenglet as everyone seems to think they are, so maybe the lack of an option is due to Tottenham’s influence and not Barca’s.

The final details are still to be determined, but in reading the tea leaves there’s going to be a small loan fee, and Spurs are said to be paying most — but notably not all — of Lenglet’s wages for the duration of the loan.

This is very much a kick-the-can-down-the-road signing for Spurs. Lenglet is not among Tottenham’s top targets for the LCB position, but this appears to be Spurs suggesting that perfect is the enemy of the good — if loaning Lenglet for a year gives Spurs a better chance at someone like Alessandro Bastoni or Josko Gvardiol later on, or allows them to funnel more resources towards another position of need, then it’s probably fine? I’m of the opinion that Lenglet probably isn’t as bad as what Barca fans are making him out to be and a change of scenery and manager might be what he needs to regain form, but this is more me huffing hopium than anything concrete. I guess we’re going to find out!