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AJ Tracey just leaked Tottenham’s third kit

Hopefully that means we get to buy it soon?

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the official release of Tottenham Hotspur’s third kits, well it sure looks like you don’t have much longer to wait. North London musician and Spurs super-fan AJ Tracey spilled the beans on the new kit, posting a teaser of him wearing it on TikTok.

Here it is, for those curious. It’s a few seconds into the video.


euro show nights should I wear this shirt on stage #COYS @spursofficial

♬ Love Me Again - John Newman

Now, to be fair the third kit design was thoroughly and completely leaked months ago, so these shouldn’t come to a complete surprise to most readers. You can even order Asian-made knock-offs of all three new kits on DHGate should you want to pretend that you got one before everyone else. But this is the first real look at the new thirds that we’ve gotten, and gotta say, they look (as the kids say) “pretty fresh.” †

I’m not shocked that Tracey gets to wear one of the first third kits in the wild. He’s essentially an informal Tottenham brand ambassador, and even joined Spurs when they were on their preseason tour to Korea last month. I can’t imagine that Tracey would’ve released this Tiktok without club approval, which suggests to me that we will be getting a third kit release pretty soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Gotta say, I like them.

† – I am told the kids do NOT, in fact, say this.