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Sky: Tottenham in talks with Fulham and Lazio over loan for Sergio Reguilon

It’s the last week of the window, and the rubber is hitting the road.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

We’re within a week of the summer transfer window closing, and that means that it’s do or die time for a few Tottenham Hotspur players that are linked with departures, permanent or temporary, from the club. One of the biggest question marks revolves around the status of Sergio Reguilon, who is out of Antonio Conte’s plans. Reguilon has been pretty open about desiring a return to Spain, but the links have been few and far between since a proposed move to Sevilla collapsed last month.

But now it looks like Reguilon might have a couple of options. Gianluca DiMarzio broke news yesterday that Spurs are in talks with Lazio about a potential loan, and today Sky Sports’ Tom Barclay suggested that Fulham are also now interested in loaning out Reggie for the season.

First, Lazio — DiMarzio wrote on his website that the Serie A club was looking at Reguilon as an option, but that any deal would be complicated, and Spurs would need to subsidize the majority of Reggie’s weekly wages in order for a deal to go through. Maurizio Sarri likes Reguilon and sees him as competition at the left back position, but the article states that Reggie’s in no hurry to leave Spurs and might wait to make a decision until January.

Meanwhile, there’s this from Sky Sports’ Tom Barlcay:

That’s all there really is on this particular rumor — just the tweet. This would be a bit weird, as Fulham already have a pretty good player in Jedi Robinson at that position, but Fulham are also one of the clubs most frequently tipped to be relegated this season so Reguilon could be viewed as rotation and competition for Robinson in a bid to stay in the Premier League longer than a season.

This all follows up on the news from a couple days ago that hinted that Nottingham Forest might also be interested in Reguilon (along with Japhet Tanganga, and, apparently, every other Premier League caliber player with a pulse).

I don’t know what it all means, but it does appear that there’s finally some interest in Reggie, even if it’s only temporary. If I had to guess, I’d say that it does look likely that Reguilon is going to be heading SOMEWHERE on loan this summer, as it’s clear he won’t be getting much if any game time at Spurs under Conte. This one could go down to the wire.